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Ferret Gearbox problem / GCP limp

robin craig

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Howdy All,


Looking for some wisdom for a problem out here in the colonies. A friend has a machine and he is not a computer type person.


A Ferret that was running perfectly has just developed a problem.


The gear change pedal has gone all limp. The owner traced the linkages back and all is connected but there is no resistance.


On speaking to another owner he said he had suffered the same problem and was advised to disconect the linkage at the gearbox and fit a large pipe to it (item 30 in the attached plate) and pull UP until a click was heard and that should resolve the problem.


Can anyone shed some light on this for us please, I have to go over and assist with the gent doing this.


Many thanks in advance



Ferret Gearbox F3.jpg

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I seem to remember in the dim and distant past that as a young VM in training at Bordon that we were told that the pedal going slack was caused by it going over centre which is why the big pipe is needed to bring it back against spring pressure. I also remember being given the task of adjusting the gear linkage as a trade test, but can't for the life of me remember what or how we did it, sorry.

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Dear Al and others,


So what we are trying to do is re seat something by all accounts.


I have a suggestion on another forum of removing two of the bolts holding the bus bar spring plate on and replacing with threaded rods and nuts and walking them out so that the spring de-tensions and that will somehow rectify things.


So I know one person who has done the pipe and over centre operation before but he did not record what he did, so I am guessing it is down to me to do that, sigh;).


Well, we will see what other suggestions come in. I am wondering which way I should be forcing the pipe . . . . . . .




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"our friend" is the new to him owner of 05 CC 29 which work sold to him, infact my old FSC.


I did a proving drive with the new owner on the Thursday and took final payment. On the Monday he went into the shed and discovered the problem. It is a used vehicle with no warranty, just trying to help the chaps out.


I have relatives over from the UK and we are making going over to the vehicle a part of their holiday tommorow, my sister's boyfriend is a gearhead type and MV curious.


We will report back what we find out, would love to know a bit more solid info before we go.



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