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British made Mortar Carrier Restoration

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Unfortunately, due to massive change of circumstances, im selling my entire collection of carrier items including 3 1941 British made Mortar carriers. After recently losing my Father in Feb this year, I was intending to bring my Mother from the UK over here to NZ. My Mother has now been diagnosed with a heart problem so wont be able to come over, due to immigration criteria. I am now in the sad process of selling the collection, and moving back to the UK for a while. I have no way of storing these items as Ill be renting my house out here in NZ.


I will be listing the carriers first then selling the parts later. Over the next few weeks I shall be quickly rebuilding the carriers so you can see how complete they are, rather than show a hull and a box of bits you cant see.


Any enquiries, please email me markp5218@hotmail.com :embarrassed:

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Im not looking to sell quickly, I don't think ill be moving back to the uk for 6 months, so plenty of time to find the right buyer. I was really only looking to sell one to help fund the other restorations, Very disappointing, but ill get over it. I could be in the UK for any length of time.



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