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Tankfest 2014

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[h=1]TANKFEST 2014 - The World’s best display of moving armour returns to The Tank Museum![/h]Experience the best display of historic moving armour in the world at The Tank Museum – bringing the story of tanks, tank crew and soldiers to life...


Historic vehicle displays will include vehicles making their show debuts, with a number of old favourites returning to the arena.



Watch this space for all the exciting news relating to Tankfest 2014 as it is announced.


The British Army


The Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU) has once again agreed to demonstrate a number of The Army’s current armoured fighting vehicles. There will also be an opportunity to see these vehicles up close in The Tank Park and to meet the crews.


bovtm_edwardfox.jpgEdward Fox


Edward Fox, star of “A Bridge Too Far” has agreed to join us for the Saturday of Tankfest (work schedule permitting) Edward will be giving a talk on the making of the movie “A Bridge Too Far” during lunch in The Director’s Enclosure.


Our Tribute to Operation Market Garden


2014 sees the 70th anniversary of this daring attempt by the Allies to dramatically shorten the Second World War, by capturing key river bridges in Holland thus allowing an attack straight into the industrial heart of Germany, the Ruhr. The Tank Museum will commemorate this historic struggle between Allied airborne and ground forces and their German enemy in September 1944, with our grand finale battle at Tankfest. Several of our exhibits from that period will be taking part, including the famous Tiger 131 tank.


Vehicle Conservation Centre


By June 2014 the Vehicle Conservation Centre will have been open for almost twelve months – the building is now packed with armoured fighting vehicles, many rarely available for public viewing. Tankfest is one of the few occasions each year that the public are allowed on to the Centre’s floor and able to see these vehicles up close.


bovtm_cherry.jpgCherry Morello


Cherry will be performing favourites from the 1940’s during the lunch period on both Saturday and Sunday in the entertainment tent. Cherry will also be performing in The Director’s Enclosure.


New for 2014!


2014 sees the inaugural “Bovington Tank Pull Challenge Cup” Teams from The Royal Wessex Yeomanry and The Royal Marines go head to head pulling an armoured fighting vehicle over a set distance in the Kuwait Arena. The winner will be the best aggregate time over the two days of Tankfest . The triumphant cup holder will take on challengers from The Armed Services in 2015


25 Pounder Artillery Battery


For the first time at Tankfest “The Garrison” Royal Artillery re-enactors will be demonstrating a battery of four 25 pounder artillery guns including live firing. There will be four 25 pounders and their supporting vehicles including a compliment of approximately 40 personnel. The Garrison will be based in the Living History area but demonstrating their fire power in The Kuwait Arena. They will also be playing their part in our Grand Finale Battle when their destructive fire power will be used to support the British Armour.


bovtm_white_helmets.jpgThe White Helmets - Sunday Only


On Sunday's Tankfest, The Tank Museum welcomes The Royal Signals motorcycle display team -The White Helmets. Based at Blandford, The White Helmets are in demand all over the country so we are delighted that they will be displaying their exciting and skilful motorcycle routines in The Kuwait Arena. Remember their stunning performances will only be available to us on the Sunday of Tankfest.


Please note: Although the Display Team are highly qualified and capable, there is always the possibility of an unforeseen accident or incident. Spectators who watch the display do so at their own risk with regard to what they witness. No related spectator claims will be supported.


More information can be found here.

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I believe the talk by Edward Fox is exclusive to the Directors Enclosure. However, the other events aren't restricted to the Directors Enclosure. It should be noted I no longer work for the museum (I am just a volunteer) - I noticed we hadn't posted anything about Tankfest 2014.


Which exhibit are you bringing Clive?

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Which exhibit are you bringing Clive?


Prototype Pig FV1609.


I do find the IQ/common sense of the average Tankfest visitor to be extremely high. Of all shows it is where I get the most interest from visitors & appreciation explaining about the development of the vehicle & its context in history. Having pictures of it in service does seem to augment the appreciation.

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I will there as normal for the week :)




Excellent, I will see you there Alex.


Prototype Pig FV1609.


I do find the IQ/common sense of the average Tankfest visitor to be extremely high. Of all shows it is where I get the most interest from visitors & appreciation explaining about the development of the vehicle & its context in history. Having pictures of it in service does seem to augment the appreciation.


I have also found that Tankfest visitors are very interested in the history of the exhibited vehicles. We look forward to seeing you there Clive.

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Well, I had a great time! It was my first visit to Tank Fest so I was unsure of what to expect. I still find it strange to walk around the re-enactors displays/dioramas and come face to face with Field Marshall Rommel! In fact, by the end of the 2 days I'd seen 2 Rommels!!!!


The arena displays were excellent if a bit slow on the first day. There seemed to be gaps in the scenarios as people thought about what they were supposed to be doing next but that's really picking flies. To see so many AFVs driving around the arena was a real treat for me and I took over 1 1/2 hours of video. OK, so the highlight for me was the Tiger 1 but I have only ever seen it static in the museum some years ago so I think I can be excused a little excitement seeing her run for the first time.


I enjoyed the fact that the holding area for the vehicles taking part in the arena displays was open to the public when they weren't moving so I was able to get up close to these beasts.


I have never seen so many historic tanks actually running so the event ticked all my boxes. The re-enactors were all friendly and happy to discuss their own particular interests and I was able to damage my bank account at several of the venders stalls!


Of course there was also the newly refurbished Tank Museum itself which was well worth walking around in spite of the crowds.


There seemed to be a lot of people there, it was pretty busy both days. The weather was very good especially when the local forecast had been for heavy rain showers with chances of thunder storms. When I left early afternoon on the Sunday there had been no rain at all! Car parking was easy and the getaway after was also a doddle.


So, did I enjoy it : Most definitely yes! Will I go again : Yes, but I think I will probably go every other year rather than make the pilgrimage every 12 months.


Kind Regards



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