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Starter Engine for Rebuild


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Volunteering at the Tank Museum had allowed me to maintain and operate some very interesting vehicles.


I have become very interested in engine internals. As such, I would like to set myself a task of rebuilding an engine.


Can anyone suggest a suitable 'starter engine'? something military, relatively small, well documented and that has good parts availability.

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How about, something like a Chore Horse or BSA charging set? All the same bits as a big engine, but you can put it on a table.


Any of the suggestions are good ones, but I'll agree that a small charging set is a good starting point. You won't need any special tools, just a set of screwdrivers and AF wrenches and they are very forgiving little engines. The only thing that they lack which you will find on a more modern/powerful engine is overhead valves and a pressurised oil system, but the basics are the same.


I would also suggest that you invest in a good book or two on the subject. While a little "American", there are really good ones available on blueprinting Chev and Ford V8s; many of the processes described are excessive for most engines, but it will cover things like bearing clearances, machining operatings, timing and tuning.


Once you've rebuilt your charging set, you'll of course need a Saracen to put it on like mine :P






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If it's the manual that I managed to find too, please note that it's missing a couple of pages.





Hi Terry, I just noted one of the missing pages (page 6). For others interested, the link can be found here.

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