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What one gets for £1

Tony B

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Been to a local boot fair and got this group of Cigarrete cards for a £1. The Air Raid precautions are mainly WD & HO Wills. The large thing with the shell is from Gallaher and described as 'Silencer on a Big Gun' ! :nut: The other ones are just marked Modern Armememnts. A series of 50 subjects from Actual phtographs. By Louis Gerard, London. Not the howitzer with tracks around the wheels. Idents please.

cig cards 001.jpg

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The "Tank Advancing" is a Medium MkI, the "Tank Negotiating a Bank(?) is a Vickers Carden Loyd, possibly a Model 1933, the tracked vehicle pulling the gun is (hard to make out) a Dragon of some type, possibly a MkIII, there's a model in the Woolwich Arsenal, looks very much like this combo.

The Tracked Howitzer looks like something to tow behind a Carden Loyd, I've seen photos with 20 or 25mm A/T guns, as below


And a howitzer. complete with its wheels sat on the tracked trailer, but nothing like this one.

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