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Ward LaFrance/ Kenworth toolbox

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In an attempt to locate the "correct" toolbox that goes on the wrecker body located at the left front of the body, I believe I have been successful. I could say it is a dead on correct.

I acquired one through ebay and the make is PLOMB, I do not know if they were the only manufacturer, as the ORD 9 does not list the manufacturer. I scanned the page out of the TM9-976 as reference , however the file is to large to attach to the thread. I posted a picture from the original listing on ebay. So if anyone is looking for the correct toolbox, search PLOMB toolbox.


John G


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My current box is secured by 4 carraige bolts bolted to the bed. I am guessing the box was not demountable, eventhough it has handles on the side. I am thinking they used a readily available box and mounted it to the truck .


Mike, the seller only had this one listed. Just keep a look out on ebay under a search for "PLOMB toolbox" and one might turn up.


When the box arrives, I will take measurements. I will do a side by side comparision of the box currently on the truck and this one. The current box is 25 inches long, 11 inches wide. The box that is on my truck is the one Army Cars Holland put on their trucks that they refurbished. Look at the photos from the Overloon museum for comparison. Also, PLOMB made had tools, so they would be period correct for the truck


John G


this one is currently on ebay, but it does not have the drawers.



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As requested, the dimensions are 11 inches wide, 13 inches tall and 25 inches long. The grey colored box is the new arrival. The red colored box is the existing one on the stuck. I included pictures of the contents of that box along with the contents of the other boxes on the truck.


John G














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