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G-day from New Zealand


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G-day all, i have not been on the forum for ages and cant remember if i did an intro so here goes. I own a July 1943 Willys MB (A Pacific Theatre Veteran of the US Navy and Royal NZ air force) which is on the road and a 42/43 Ford GPW which is made up of several vehicles under restoration. I have a 43 Bantam Trailer on the road as well as a 43 Dodge WC51 Weapons carrier.

Although not a vehicle as such i also have an incomplete L5 Pack Howitzer in garage which i am slowly finding the missing parts for. I served on these when i first joined the Royal NZ Artillery back in the 80s. I also collect WW2 Kiwi and American Uniform, weapons, kit and radio gear as well as the same items relating to the 16th Field regiment RNZA from the Vietnam era to the 1980s when the L5 pack howitzer went out of service being replaced by our current equipment the L119 Light gun.



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Welcome to the forum, we were over earlier in the year(we have friends in the south island), and managed to see some gun emplacements near them, but unfortunately no vehicles or shows. Managed a couple of car shows( you do like v8 and American cars).

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