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1956 Bedford Green Goddess. PGW 271

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Welcome to the HMVF, I used to own a Green Goddess when the last ones were sold off, in a moment of madness and belt tightening I sold it, regretted it ever since :cry: Not sure if I still have any books etc kicking around but if I find anything you're welcome to them.

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Hi Declan - welcome!


I bought my GG - a fellow PGW, PGW 326 - about 18 months back and have had great fun, so I hope that ownership suits you!


Lots of help, encouragement and advice on here. Lots too on RSOLES if you follow the link below and join - they also try to keep a database of surviving vehicles and it may mean you can find a fellow owner close by to chat to and perhaps go to a few shows with:




Yours I suspect wasn't built in 1956 - like mine, it was probably bodied by Willowbrook in Loughborough (body number 54571) and rolled out of the Bedford factory somewhere between Sept 1953 and October 1954. There was a delay in getting so many vehicles bodied after they were built (about 10 different body builders were involved) and a good number were bulk registered in 1956 like yours and mine. If you make contact with Brian on RSOLES, he will be able to give you more info and possible tell you where it went during the various fire disputes in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s..... Any paperwork you have with it may also tell you where it's been!



I have a blog for mine which shows the progress made over the past months:





Cheers, Duncan.

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