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Ford T16 Universal Carrier


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Bought this carrier back in December last year. Started the restoration in January.


I was planning on posting the pics as i went along, but didn't get round to it. So here goes with the pics from the last couple of months. I will try to post in order.


Enjoy, Chrisnov 174.JPG

nov 168.JPG

nov 170.JPG

nov 171.JPG

nov 172.JPG

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i've just got a nos axle for my t16 from groenwould in holland i wonder if yours came from the same stock, nice work by the way and many hard to find parts. you will have a very complete carrier when it's done.


good luck with the resto



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The outer two pull on the drum brakes at the drive sprockets (like a Loyd) the generate harsh turns and waste a lot of power and the inner two pull on the brake bands in the differential, these offer more controlled steering using less power. The key to a T16 is the special rear axle.

The T16 manual states that the drum brakes should only be used in emergencies, steering should normally be undertaken with the centre tillers.


I'd enjoy rebuilding a T16 in the future.

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