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Pre World War 2 Colours


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Hi all,


I'm starting work on my Pioneer gun tractor and will soon need to paint some of the parts. My gun tractor was built in 1938 and I would like to paint it in the colours it would have originally been in. I know that it would have been a gloss green but have no idea shade etc..... and whether it is the same as the post war colours etc..... Can anyone help with what the colour should be and any recommendations for suppliers.




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Trey mike Starmer I have just got the desert caunter schemefor my Rolls Royce / Fordson armoured car from him and he was very helpful. The info in the book also contains the patterns and outlinedrawings for different types of vehicles and thepaints used on them with sample colours. pm sent with his email. cheers bill :)

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Gloss Deep Bronze Green, same as the post-war colour. It's still available from paint factors. It's a British Standard colour and is the colour often seen on Series 1 and 2 Land Rovers. Beware of the ready mixed Deep Bronze Green which many Land Rover places sell, because it can be a poor match.

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The Norton motorcycle production records have some interesting annotations regarding colours etc. Through 1936 - '37, WD machines are described simply as "Green"


The first production entry for 26/10/1938 is prefixed: "All WD M/Cs Dull Green from this date."


It was obviously an interim arrangement and was presumably a matt Deep Bronze Green as the entry for 13/6/1939 shows :

"First Khaki Solo WD M/Cs" so the 1938 change was clearly not to KG No.3


The paint stocks held by various factories and indeed precise contract terms could affect the dates that these changes came into effect but either a gloss or a dull green could be correct. However, the few pre-war parts that I've looked at don't seem to be a particularly high gloss - certainly nothing like a modern 2-pack finish.

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