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Cromwell 14" track links and Meteor diagrams

Old Git

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Hi all,


I'm on the hunt for some close-up pictures of the Cromwell 14" individual Track links, with measurements. I'm trying to get some CAD files made up to allow me to have some made. Has anyone got some track links to hand that they can photograph with a tape measure in the picture for reference? Has anyone got any technical drawings, with measurements, other than the ones that appear in the service manual?



Finally, does anyone know of any technical drawings for the Meteor engine, or a book containing drawings of the various parts?


A fews years back I suggested to Haynes that they consider releasing a manual for the Merlin/Meteor engines and they were very enthusiastic about the idea (no sign of the book yet). I even suggested they get together with someone like DML to manuacture a 1/6th scale Merlin/Meteor, with a sound chip, to sell with the book. Now that would be a super cool desk ornament! I don't think I'd be able to stop myself from pressing the button every other minute though!

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Hi Adrian,


I am getting CAD files made up for modelling purposes but once they're in CAD form (and hopefully accurate) they can then be scaled up or down depending upon requirements. But what I need is to see some pictures of the real thing (unused is perfect) with a ruler strategically placed so I can deduce accurate measurements of the real item. If you could help in anyway I'd be most grateful!


Re the engine, the best drawings I've got so far are the ones in the service manual. They're good enough for me to guess dimensions from however, I think I may have solved that problem and I have some dimensioned diagrams for the Merlin winging their way to me in the next few day!

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Hi Rick,


thanks for the offer mate but going by your pics it would apepar that there a substantial difference in style between the 14" track links and the 15.5" track links. The 15.5" appear to look similar to the 18" on the Comet!


If Adrian could see his way clear to snapping a few pics of his unused 14" ttack links with a ruler in place then that would be a great help. Across the underside of the track (the bit that bites the road), from the underside to the top of the horn and across the width on the front and rear profiles.





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