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Rolf S. Ask

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I have a pile of NOS MCC parts that will be for sale in the spring time. I just need to get them home and sort them out...

But you should allredy now make a trip to your shed and make a list for what parts you will be needing and send me a list...

Most of the parts are for the 4 cyl engine, but also some parts for the 6 cyl engine.

Compleete list will be awailable a bit later and I will then post it somewhere on the net.

But feel free to make any wuestions now to cmpnorge@oline.no




width=640 height=539http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/5683/morrispartssaleox1.jpg[/img]


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Parts will hopefully be available for shiping early april. Do hope to be able to help folks out before seeson starts.. And I am also planing a trip to Beltring, not to sell parts, but to make articles for the magazine I edit for the norwegian MV-club. But will try to bring parts with me, if ordered in advance.


The parts have been stored for many Years, hoping that the interest for english vehicles would be bigger... But there is ap. 15 MCC in Norway, including all of them from total wrecks to two restored ones... So they found there is no market in Norway for the parts. So I was offerd them, perhaps for a bit to much money, but that will remain to find out. Parts will not be sold to dealers, but to all MV-collectors having MCC's in need of parts...

Perhaps an idea would be to make "a lot of different parts" and offer them??

Any toughts on that?



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Did it not turn up?? Wonder who I sendt the list to then...

Well it has been many requests for a list, so perhaps I did not see your mail, and trashed it... Sorry!

Please mail me once more at cmpnorge@online.no and I will give it another try.


I have go the CS8 and PU instruction book from Mike so I am happy there. Have identyfied many parts for CS8 engines.

But not for the 4 cyl engine.




width=425 height=482http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/958/filtertankpetrolqz3.jpg[/img]

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Yep I know...

But there are pistons for CS8 too but did not take any home in my little Rover 45 last time I was there. Have just taken a few photos of what I brought back home.

Also Linings there, but do not know yet for what engines.

Any offers on these pistons??



This is how it looks inside the box... they are complete.


width=567 height=583http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/4718/c8297040no2redusertte7.jpg[/img]


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