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My Land-Rover troubles and projects.


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I finished the 109 ex raf, a 101fc and now moving on to the dutch 88lw.


it has an engine failure , electrics failure and chassis / bulkhead rot.


also i found a painted sign on the bonnet, same on the rear under another rectangular dutch unit marking, not a clue what it is from.



the 2,25 diesel goes out, a nissan diesel goes in,

the rear crossmember gets replaced with a few bits of replacement plates where needed.

a harvey frost crane is going to be placed in the tub, as it needs to work for it's upkeep.

as for electrics, i need to see that instead of the 24V it's rewired on 12V with the basics of whats needed.

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Interesting story about the Dutch Lightweight and some of the daft decisions made for them which make them different.


Anyways, if you take your fuel crossover tap out to clean and service it, please take some pictures as I will have to make one the same :-D

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i have bought it to offroad with, rolled it twice.

that roll bar was the best 30 pounds ever :)

the seats and chopped bulkhead were done before i bought it, to get it on cheaper commercial road tax till it turned 25 and became tax exempt.

as the tub was extended i ended up with a steering wheel problem, a smaller sport steering wheel was fitted ans the original stored.

the dutch diesel ones had a few differences to the uk spec ones.

rear light clusters, front side light / indicator turrets on the wings,

a strange myth about a petrol engine being converted to diesel while its diesel engine coded,

weaker gearbox mods and constant breaking rear halfshafts.(i fitted a salisbury version)

as for the fuel tap if i have an issue with that, i grab one from the heap. when my friend stopped his land rover garage he scrapped the lot, i took 3 109 tub loads of stuff for free as thanks for the voluntary work i did. learned a lot.

this vehicle has been chopped and changed a lot, i do keep spares to restore the front when needed.

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i can't make the S out of my marking. the S in a circle is on the side of the hood, not on top in front of the spare wheel. it's also at the rear under the regiments mark, here a sample.




with a 2.5 n/a engine....


not the worlds best rubber under there.




19J engine that was short lived.

oil feeding pipe broke on the tank track at war and peace 2006.


i'll get some paper over my paint mark to get a template, i never seen it on a 88lw before.

just my luck if it was something special ;)

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the armour symbol was a sample, this is mine.


with the same type of mark under there as is on top of the bonnet.

the S symbols are on the side as i found circles big enough to mach, and NL sticker next to them.

the dash remains...


fixing tin worm holes...


did nicely i thought...


and the other side, took out half a foot well.





holiday.... in 2004.


3 spare engines 1 in the 88lw and 2 in a trailer..


broke down before customs, the 2,5 Normaly Astmatic had a failed stop solenoid. took 5 minutes and off we went.



slowly it gets there, till i have to move to the uk and leave it behind till i get a workshop there..

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