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What was this wooden box for?

Great War truck

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Can anybody id this crate please:



(Pix removed to preserve bandwidth)


And if anybody says chisels i will ignore you.


I'd say "Small Arms Ammunition", probably .38 or 9mm in small cartons or packets. I had one once, and it had a black painted tin insert with soldered tear-off lid - the hole in the top when the lid was removed was enough to get a hand inside to remove the contents, so I think boxed ammunition, might have been .303 tracer for making mixed belts.



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Just a wild stab here, but..... I would not have said ammo, but more like a specialist tool or storage box of some sort.


I.E the 5.5" gun for example I believe had 2, one strapped to each trail, one for the guns CES tool kit & the other for a clinometer. That would tie in with R.O.F I guess.....& the date. (Not that I know what I'm talking about mind)



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