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Pathfinder Tents are back!


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Dear all,


After a whole year of complete pain and frustration and false starts - we are now back. We now produce all our own tents here in the UK. Its an amazing turn around as I was close to becoming a milk man icon_eek.gif I just couldn't cope with the nonsense and the supply issues and the poor quality tents coming from abroad.


But with massive guidence from Jim Clark of Allied Forces and support (kick up the backside) when I needed it - and also to Joris who has also played a massive part in it all too. We are now back and we are not going anywhere. I have so missed not being part of the hobby.


Yes I have annoyed one or two but folks, please forgive me on this as I have had tried everything that was within my power to get back here and will answer any questions that anyone may have info@pathfinderdistribution.com


And to the ex member of HMVF who sent this video around to the 'click' when he heard that I had seperated from my wife and family at the same time as losing my company -

- it isn't how many times you fall over, it's how many times you get up that counts.........


But for all the updates please see below:



Pathfinder Distribution.


Suppliers of WWII reproduction tents.


All of our tents are based on original WWII tents and we have been fortunate enough to have been able to use original tents as our templates. This has ensured that our tents are as close as we can get to tents made over seventy years ago. We have handled many originals over the past years and you can see that the production process hasn’t changed – no two tents are the same and the same is true to this day.


Pathfinder Distribution now has its own production facility here in the UK.


As many of our customers and followers will know, we have had major supply issues which isn’t acceptable to any of us. We have worked hard on solving that problem over the last year and we are pleased to say that we have now solved that. How have we done that?


We decided that we needed to be able to control the supply and more importantly, we need to be able to control the quality. The only way we could do that was to have them made here in the UK. To be able to control that completely we needed to have our own production facility so that’s what we have now done – everything is now produced here in the UK.


We can now set our own standard, we oversee all production and it also allows us to make one off specials for people.


We can now supply one tent or ten thousand – we have the capacity.


So no more supply issues – can you imagine how good that makes us feel?!!


Life time guarantee on all our products


As we now produce our own tents we are now able to offer a 100% life guarantee on all our products for as long as you own them. If any of our products fail because of workmanship then we will repair or replace for as long as you own one of our products.



Value for Money


We may not be the cheapest on the market and we make no apologies for that. However, we will not be beaten on value for money. No other tents on the market will meet our quality, our supply and our life time guarantee.


All tents are now made with 16oz duck canvas. The originals were 13oz. We have upgraded the canvas weight to give you a stronger and a more durable tent. We have added the life time guarantee so you can rest assured with your purchase. We can dispatch tents to anywhere in the world within 48hrs.



The new website is here http://www.pathfinderdistribution.com


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:thumbsup: And as a corporate promotion, how about a search for the oldest pair of HMVF overalls still in regular use? :banana:



*cough - I think I have the first pair and still have some in stock.


But I now use them as pyjamas so no longer in use in that sense NOS :blush:

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Good to hear you're back on our feet.

It will still be difficult for a while because you did dissapoint some people.


But then again, who didn't?

I sure as hell dissapointed/hurt some people in the past so I wish you good luck and sound judgement.


I know you can do it mate.

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