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Bedford MW oil filter


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Hi all, just wondering what is the best oil filter to use. My engine currently has the standard throw away canister as per original but are these easy to find? The truck also came with a filter housing much like the one that appears on Niels V's superb QL restoration. Are these elements easier to obtain / any better? Any recommendations from those with experience?

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If it's the same as this one it's not the type I was thinking of, but this thread may give you a heads up. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?30243-AC-Oil-Filter-Dimensions-Bedford-MW


The filter shown on the link here is correct for a WW2 Bedford, Austin or Humber vehicle, they were a disposable canister. Very expensive if you find any old stock ...... but an enterprising person has made replicas which hide a modern spin-on filter inside. The spin-on is a common type predominantly used in Perkins diesels on Massey Fergie tractors, so easy to locate. The thing costs about £50 but well worth it.

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Originality vs Longevity?


I guess going over to a modern filter will also help prolong the life of the engine in that a (decent) modern spin on filter is so much more capable at filtering out smaller particles whilst keeping the oil flow at a decent rate.

Saying that I've cut two spin on filters apart (for my SV650 motorbike), the Suzuki one was so much better than the pattern part one.

With the Meteor engine we are working on we're looking at the feasibility of installing a spin on Champion oil filter somewhere after the Merlin boys down the other end of the airfield highly reccommending it (strange to think that is most spitfires there is a diesel engine oil filter tucked in there).

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I can also vouch for the John Morter filter adaptor- I've one fitted to my MW and it works a treat!


I think his son Chris is picking up the business, I've just bought some brake linings and a seal kit from him.




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