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Overlord 2013.

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Just done a quick google and the bank holiday is showing as 27th May so that would make the show dates as 24th to 27th

But this is not confirmed as I haven't spoken to any of the committee members to confirm this yet!

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So is that definitely definite 24-27 May?


Just trying to plan my holidays. Looked at http://www.solentoverlord.co.uk/events.htm

& that just lists last year's events & there's nothing on the Milweb events calendar.


Yes that is correct, I've just looked on our site and the blog has the dates but its not that clear so will get someone to sort it :)

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Andy, Not a problem, if you want to be there on the Friday that can be sorted. Do you normally take military vehicle ??.


Best Regards



That would be very helpful thanks. Unfortunately both vehicles live in Devon and neither is yet ready to emerge from the barn. Hopefully next year the Abbot may make a tour of the South coast!



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This year's headline charity is Hounds for Heroes


Open to Public from 0900 Sat 25 May to 1630 Monday 27th


Exhibitors welcome on site from 12:00 Wednesday 22nd to 17:00 Tuesday 28th May


With T&T not being staged this year we are expecting increased demand for pitches - get your application in NOW!


Vehicles - http://www.solentoverlord.co.uk/blog/overlord-2013/exhibitors/


Re-enactors - http://www.solentoverlord.co.uk/blog/overlord-2013/living-history/


Traders - http://www.solentoverlord.co.uk/blog/overlord-2013/traders/


If you are coming as a visitor then check out http://www.solentoverlord.co.uk/blog/overlord-2013/visitors/


Exhibitors and traders are strongly encouraged to stay until the end of the show - be aware that Monday will look sparse because most will have packed their tents into their vehicles ready for later travel giving the impression of empty spaces.


If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions whilst at the show speak to someone in a hi-viz jacket and get them to radio me - "Safety Bloke"


We are finalising plans now - pm me if you have any bright ideas!


We are looking to make OVERLORD 2013 the best yet - we can only do that with your help so come along and make your presence felt


Regards, Rob

(The bloke who was too slow when everyone else took a step backwards)

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