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The only succesfull amphibious truck was the DUKW


The only succesfull Amphibious truck was the DUKW  

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  1. 1. The only succesfull Amphibious truck was the DUKW

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Nothing wrong with a Stalwart!! If a DUKW had drop down sides and tailgate as well as half the cab underwater when swimming it woud likely have got the same reuptation the poor old Stalwart did!! -

And we won't mention the number s lost because those awfully nice chaps from the REME forgot to refit the big rubber boot over the winch housing thus leaving a 3" dia hole for water to flood in fthrough, will we??

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The Russians produced a copy of the DUKW. As for the Stalwart, who would design a vehicle to carry fuel and ammo and put the exhaust in close proximity, an obvious recipe for disaster.



They were famous for sinking - NOT blowing up!!!!


And they usually sank 'cos either some one forgot to put something back in or the seals on the drop-gates got damaged during loading/unloading operations!!

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Neil, the Army admitted they kept going on fire.



Quite a few set on fire because dimwits kept leaving the handbrake on, the brake bands are low in the hull with all the oil & crud right next to the fuel tank :schocked:


As far as sinking, that takes some doing (don't ask how I know), if all the pre-swim checks are done and the bilge pumps are working they swim fine, trying to get them out on a muddy bank is a diffrent story.


Another problem is that Alvis reccomended that when swimming the payload was to be reduced from 5 ton to 3 ton, however this information appears nowhere in the driver's handbook :|

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Neil, the Army admitted they kept going on fire.



Handbrake fires - did it myself the first time I ever drove one as if the handbrake doesn't release the friction will set light to band and surrounding guff. It's the old "break-neck" type of handbrake lever and can seem to have gone off by just dropping to the floor. Best way to tell the hand brake is off, as described to me, is to listen for a sound like a 14lb hammer hitting the hull.

First indications of such a fire is a sound like a chip shop frier followed by smoke coming up through the floor plates of the cab. Best thing to do is stop immediately, release the handbrake to get the bands away from the heat source then run the engine up to 3,000 rpm. The resulting blast of cold air being sucked down the intake which is behind the cab will extinguish the fire immediately. If it doesn't then a fire extinguisher let off in the air intake will..


This, though has nothing to do with the exhaust stack being near the cargo - if the rear bulkhead is in place the cargo actually goes nowhere near the exhausts - assuming the file attached successfully you can see the position of the rear bulkhead i relation to the hot zone of the exhaust system!!



[attachment deleted by admin]

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