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the real dragon wagon

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apart from the guides on the front end, that trailer looks remarkably like the folding gooseneck trailers the Canadian Army has had around for quite a while. They had a donkey engine, usually a Honda, mounted between the wheels and operable by open a steel tap door. They were manufactured by company called Arne's Welding in Western Canada. I'm wondering if that is a left over one from the draw down in Europe, a ton of kit was sold off before the closure of CFE.



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The International with it's 55ton trailer was a commercial design bought in as an interim measure when the experimental models then under consideration had all failed to come up to expectations in trials.

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I've just looked up XM523E2, it was a 25 ton Prime Mover built by International Harvester in the mid 70s. the 'X' and the 'E' suggest it was experimental and not standardised.


i was first built in the early 60s note the goose neck trailer and the m60

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