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  1. would you happen to have issue 63 and 64?! if yes would you please send me scans if possible ?! cheers top man
  2. antar, would you happen to know the location of the trailer in the image please ?! thank you
  3. i found the image on google with the measures yet, please send me a link to Davide Virdia model please (if possible) and please let me know where can i find the wheels and tracks magazines, 63 and 64 cheers top man
  4. Please send me the link and I truly appreciate all your guidance thanks a million top man
  5. Yes that’s it I am really hoping to find images and the manual I truly appreciate you taking the time to help me on this cheers top man
  6. Ok noted I am still searching and thank you for the update cheers budy
  7. dear i am currently building a model in 1/35 scale of the ih -8066 xm523e2 & xm524e2 truck and trailer i am looking for walk-around images, measures, dimensions and manuals and catalogs of this truck and trailer if possible basically any info that can aid me in completing my models as accurate as possible thank you enjoy and happy modelling
  8. my name is guilbert woolfenstein i am a scale modeller it is my pleasure to have joined this forum thank you enjoy and happy modelling
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