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Bedford MW Shock absorbers


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Hi guys

Does anyone have any experience of Luvax shock absorbers as fitted to Bedford MWs?


3 of mine are leaking from around the drop arm. Are seals available, can they be rebuilt at home or do they need to go to a specialist? The manual suggests they are returned to the manufacturer!.


Thanks in advance.

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As Graham has mentioned me, better reply ! I have resealed Luvax double piston dampers, but only on Daimler Dingo, same thing slightly smaller. You do not have to remove the arm (think Rippo is refering to the Vauxhall made shocks on a QL). There is a welch plug on the back and after removing it, you can press out shaft and arm in one, but carefull note should be made as it is fine slined and neds to go back in same place. The seals are more like rubber bushes, as the fluid was supposed ot be a special Luvax product, I am assuming it was a synthetic / vegetable type as the army spec for these was to use a brake fluid. Using oil in a Luvax may ruin the rubber seals. I was able to locate a proper oil seal to replace the original as parts for these are unobtainable. You will have to renew the welch plug after removing it. Have you talked to Past Parts? I think they are now reconditioning lever type dampers.

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Thank you gents. I must admit I was wondering wether to 'wing it', but I will make some further enquiries. I have also emailed Norman Aishe (Bygone Bedford Bits).


There's an article on the web which can help:




Type 'luvax' in the search bar and then select the article (4) 'rebuilding luvax girling shock absorbers'.


I wonder if new seals are available or if it is possible to create new ones?

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