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Hello to one and all

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My name is Dave and I have been reading HMVF for a few years on and off


As I have just gone out and bought an RB44 chassis cab I thought I'd probably need some advice so I'd best register!


Since leaving the mob (1991) I have had a Harley MT350 and a Land Rover Lightweight but they just went and didn't need much taking care of - the '44 is probably more likely to need a bit of work.


To say the least my Mrs. isn't that impressed with it's current condition I don't have much in the way of pictures, so I will post as soon as I get it.


I am particularly interested to get any tips and hints about where I am going to fall foul of the authorities to get my lump taxed and tested, any tips about construction and use regs that will help to get it MoT'd first time.


Anyone that can help with Phaser power improvement information as well.


I am looking for some bits as well (wheels and tyres and particularly the rear light clusters as they are missing even just the spec of the connectors for the rear lights and where to buy them would be handy).


P.S. Are there any ex-REME or MT fitters that want to play in south central UK (Berks/Bucks/Oxon) ? ?



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