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Help, Need a Switch!!



Hi Folks, I am restoring my airportable 88 landy, but, I have a problem!!....The Brake Failure shuttle valve switch is up the duff!! Have tried to get a new one but, every time I try, I'm told, "Its an Obsolite Part Mate" My question is.....Has anybody got one or do they have the MOD Part No. for it ( X-MOD may be able to help but need the number!) My vehicle is the 24v FFR Petrol and the switch is a 2 pin type.

If anyone can help, would be very chuffed! The one I have at the moment is odd...when you depress the Brake pedal the brake fluid leaks out of it, but not out the side, out of the terminal!!Wierd or wot!


Any Help would be greatfully recieved,



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