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White M3 Scout Car

Josh The Para

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Seem to be common enough in Australia. I have the remains of three. 1st was rebuilt as a light truck for farm duties complete with truck cabin - basically a heavy duty 4WD utility. 2nd was used at a sawmill for shunting trees - judging by the bent cross member on the front frame. 3rd was also cut down at back with long tray attached for feeding out hay also converted to RHD - hack job unfortunately... will remedy some day.

Many have been rebuilt. Seek out photos of the 'Corowa' Military vehicle meet (Corowa, NSW, Australia).


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and there a dam sight easier to move/run than a Halftrack !!


And a dam site faster too, they cruise nicely at 50mph all day long and the ride is good.

If you are daring enough and have deep pockets for the fuel bill 65 to 70mph is achievable in short bursts, stopping can sometimes require written notification at that speed however.

At current prices you should expect to pay between £20-25K for a clean example.



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. 20,000 is about right,and there a dam sight easier to move/run than a Halftrack !!


I know, I`ve got the M3 White Halftrack, I need an Arab friend with his own oil well, do you know anybody ????




Just out of interest, what sort of mpg does your Halftrack return ?


Kind regards



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You should get about 10 mpg out of the Scout Car, its fitted with the 6.ltr engine as apposed to the 10.ltr in the Halftrack, and you can "feather" the accelerator along the flat in the Scout Car. The Halftrack as to be driven hard all of the time because the tracks create a lot of resistance, in fact if you take your foot off the accelerator you will notice the deceleration.Halftrack 025.jpg

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