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  1. Hi all Have recently acquired a 1945 dated WS 31 Mk1/1 but it's missing a few parts, now it's a long shot but I'm particularly looking for the base/battery case that clamps to the bottom of the unit. I only know of C Beagle for radio bits and have been in touch but no luck. Looking for any tips on where I'd be able to get hold of one or even have one made up. Cheers Josh
  2. Yeah I think that's the route I'm going to be taking, didn't want to just slap a modern lightboard on the back after doing a ground up restoration on it. I've been toying with the idea of possibly trying to fit a folding light system for it so that it's hidden and out the way but easily locked back in place if needed.
  3. Hi all, Have recently acquired the skeleton of a WW2 era trailer which is looking to be a 10CWT Mk2. Intend on restoring it for hauling kit to events. Obviously it now needs to conform to current specs for rear lighting and marking, anyone have any tips for making it more in keeping with it's original specs? Cheers Josh
  4. Hi What is the value on a White Scout Car? Also are there any people who have built replica's? Cheers Josh
  5. I need pictures and details of the steel one please as im trying to convert a standard MK4 helmet to one Cheers Josh
  6. Did they ever make 68 pattern trousers in a 44" waist? Cheers Josh
  7. I was down on the saturday and i have to say it was a very good show, a good mix of MV and living history a good amount of trade stalls and great arena displays. The new location is very good, much bigger than the last and i look forward to next year. Pic of me in the living history area
  8. Looks really good, id love a pig one day its one of my alltime favourite military vehicles
  9. I found the trailer buried in a hege on my grandads land am told by him that its military of some sort and that it came from middle wallop just wandered if anyone could shed some light on it Cheers Josh
  10. Hi Im Josh Im 16 Im From Andover, I Reenact 2 Para During The Falklands Conflict, I Dont Own A Military Vehicle Yet But I Hope To In The Future, Somthing Like A Lightweight Kitted Out As A Recce Vehicle Or A Humber Pig Or Mabye Both! Well Thats About It TTFN Josh
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