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Davidh from Oslo joining the Forum


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DavidH from Oslo Norway calling.

A quick summary:

Previously owned a Dodge WC-52 (Normandy 1994), 50% GMC 6x6 opencab, 50% GMC 6x6 Workshop.

Presently own a GPW '42 (Normandy 2004 + 2009, Arnhem 2009, + a couple of Beltrings), a GPW '45 project, and 3 trailers - a Willys MBT, a British Airborne Lightweight 10-cwt Nr 1, and a later version called Nr 2 (only 2000 produced and quite a number here in Norway).


And still I wonder why on earth have a hobby that needs more and more space for more and more things, and you need to burn fuel to get any enjoyment out of it. Crazy.



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