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Slovkian Show (Beltring equivalent ) Aug 3 - 12 - 2012


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A friend of mine has been in touch about this event/showhappening from the 3rd to the 12th of August, it's held about 80Km north ofBratislava.

Check out the website for some very impressive photos ofprevious years, seems to have a lot bigger arena than Beltring and I'm guessinga lot less health and safety issues...




Slovakia show 2012.jpg

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Looks good. I would love to go to this, but well i would like to go to a lot of things. The "H&S" rules are quite straight forward. I liked this one in particular:


"In the case of finding out, that you threatened the life of other participants or audience, you can be punished".


I think they should introduce that rule at W&P, but perhaps add "by being shot - severely" at the end.



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A mate of mine has just found a flight from stansted to Brno (62Km from show) for £134... now that sort of makes it a cheap week, as Beltring fuel bills are more than that in most vehicles these days...


just browsing through the previous years photos has convinced me to go.....

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After a silly moment sometime back I had committed myself to attend the Slovakian version of Beltring, their website was very encouraging, pictures of vehicles playing in possibly the biggest arena playground ever, pretty girls and limited rules.


What an experience, it's kind of how I remember Beltring 15years ago.


so heres just a small sample of the event...































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