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  1. Hi all I have a friend who is looking towards restoring a jeep ground up and I would like to ask is there any recommended reading or dedicated books etc that any member would advise needs to be obtained. Many thanks
  2. Check, check and check again; transfer box was in neutral!!!!! Can not think of anything in my defence apart from the abject horror of thinking how am I going to fix this
  3. Had a look at that one, don't think so but only had a quick nose this evening before posting though.
  4. Bit of a strange one, no doubt will have to get the spanners out but last weekend went out to an event, Sunday afternoon drove home not a hint of a problem jeep drove well and parked up in the garage at home. Yesterday pulled the jeep out started fine and went to pull off and didn't move an inch! Clutch pedal felt the same, no oil leaks/patches just nothing happening at all, any ideas?
  5. Whilst classed as a steam rally, Malpas was well attended by a good selection of military vehicles, good weather and excellent company for the event! Few pictures attached.....
  6. The middle can is of a similar appearance to oil cans issued to us as part of CES for Abbot and FH70, just a miscellaneous oil can which I suspect would have been general issue to both A and B vehicles.
  7. I'll try again, I think the first one is a 2S1, second 2S3 and 3rd is a BTR 60.
  8. I think 2nd one is a 2S1 Russian SP artillery and 3rd is a BTR 60 APC as for the first one?
  9. I may have missed a post somewhere but I wished to share this sad news. http://wildbillguarnere.com/
  10. Tony No worries psotcode is SW1A 1AA knock on the front door may be met by a coule of lads dressed in red but just tell them you've popped in to see Hoppy.:laugh::laugh:
  11. It's my Hotchkiss, so I do apologise. Can vouch for the work, David does a great job and he worked from several photos sent via email so doesn't have to see the Willy's jeep; Hotchiss jeep or what ever you may have stashed away. Happy days all
  12. Storage or similar related to EWS (Emergency Water Supply)?
  13. Phil Sadly not able to get to this one this year, great show last time so hope all goes well. Paul
  14. On my first posting in Germany straight from JLLRA I was once sent to the Battery office to collect train tickets for a rail movement of all our vehicles on exercise; seemed a reasonable request..................
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