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Suppose I better say hello

Jim Clark

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My name is Jim Clark I would just like to say hello to you all, although I am new to this site I have been in the military scene since 1996.Some of you will already know me as the owner of "ALLIED FORCES" canvas and restoration business, which was started in 1998, I probably know some of you although not by your screen names (thanks "karoshi" for your welcome last week, sorry I dont know who you are)

In the 15 or so years prior to 1996 I was into motor sport, competing successfully in special stage rallies around the country. I then wanted a change so I bought my first MV, a 1944 Ford GPW Jeep it was very original and complete but rough.This was the start of the down hill path as I now have the Jeep, 1942 White M3 Halftrack, 1942 Diamond T 968 4ton cargo, 194? Fruehauf 8ton engineers trailer, 1943 Caterpillar D4 2T dozer, 1942 M4A4 Sherman, various jeep trailers and benhur trailers and last but not least an Onan generator. As you can see once the MV drug gets hold of you it spirals out of control, but hey "dose this look like the face of concern.

Well theres my intro ,thanks for a great site and look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards and HAPPY NEW YEAR. Jim.

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Good morning Jim.


Glad to see that you made it here and good to catch up with you on the phone the another night.


And what a list of kit that you have there :schocked: but I am surprised that you have let the side down but not owning a GMC :dunno: :schocked:


I would also appreciate it if you could view this topic and add your vote. http://www.hmvf.co.uk/smf/index.php?topic=2721.0


You also have a PM.


Best wishes.





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Jack, I did own a GMC 352 hardcab with winch I bought it 6 months after the jeep in November 1996 but had to sell it to finance the Sherman, still regret selling it. I will try to post pics when I work out how its done.

No I am not the famous racing driver Jim Clark, sadly he died in the late sixty's.

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Welcome Jim,


What rallies did you do? I was out there trying to get started as a rallying snapper between 1980 and 1986 - gave up and went green (machine, that is). You never know, I may have you on film. I haven't even begun to start sorting my negs and transparencies from that time. Not enough time....






I can remember seeing the other Jim Clark in London in about 1966 when he and Graham Hill raced through the City at the start of the Lord Mayor's Show. The other

Jim Clark - God rest his soul - has a brilliant little museum in his honour in his home town of Duns in the Scottish Borders. Well worth a look. It's called the Jim Clark Room and has all his trophies and stuff.





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Hi Snapper, thanks for your reply it would be nice to see if you have me on video or in pics. Here are some of the rallies I entered, Devil Tour, Yatesbury Stages ,Cheltenham Stages, Wye-Dean stages, Down Ampney stages, Ebworth Chase,Bleadon stages and so on and on. I started in a Mini Cooper S then, don't laugh built a very rapid 1300cc Metro which we surprised a lot of people with it performance. At the time it was putting out about 135 bhp and had a works Arden 8 port cyl head which cost an arm and a leg but transformed the car.

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