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Nos raf 'parka, extreme cold weather'


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There has been some discussion of these parka's on this forum previously but I cannot find it!


In any case a nice example of NOS RAF parka - 1960/70s. I believe this was the type issued for use in Canada although there are various accounts of it being issued in the UK for guard duty etc. Really nicely made parka. I particularly like the hood fleece panel to keep your neck warm!


As ever additonal info, pictures, context and stories welcome!






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It's actually an aircrew parka......the "22C" stores number indicates aircrew clothing, plus the modification record on the label is another clue only found on aircrew and survival clothing.......


These garments were originally intended for aircrew operating in extreme cold climates during the (no pun intended) "Cold War" era........and also came in grey-blue........


They are a superbly made garment but very hard to find today.......they were superceded during the late 1970s by the Canadian-issue extreme cold weather parka (shorter, and with the slotted buttons).....I had one of these issued in 1983 for a detachment to Goose Bay.......


Some of these 1950s/60s parka survived on RAF issue for ground crew into the early 1980s although they were a rare sight by then.......:-D


Where did you find this one Jason ?!!! I estimate this as late-production (by the NZ zip), circa late-1960s/early 70s.....

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