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found in bosnia 1996

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Why didn't anyone think of towing the gun home - at least for the Firepower RA Musuem.


Did it get pulled out of the ditch or is that where it is now!


Unfortunately Firepower have been getting rid of Artillery as they have vacated Rotunda and have no Storage.

A pity really because most of it has been dispersed and left to languish outside to the elements ................

And thats what they call preservation !



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the first photo shows it after the reme had pulled it out of the ditch it was towed by them back to glamoc camp where we were based en route the one wheel snapped of but it did get there and we were told it was given to the arty regt up the road in glamoc which were at the time 3 rha what happend to it i have no idea we were attached to c sqn blues and royles(hcav)so maybe one of those to may know sorry i cant be more help

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