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  1. Hi All Looking forward to this years show as i missed last year due to circumstances out of my control . Booking the Dodge in Right now , Looking forward to sipping a pint with you Paul:D Pete
  2. Is there any history or info on the company that i could research ??? as this bl*ddy interesting:D Pete
  3. Hi Again All Sorry about that I forgot to upload the Photos and sizes The sizes are in inches 25 x 15 x 10
  4. Hi All I have a nagging Question to ask the more intelligent people on this forum if any person can identify thees metal boxes they are dated 1943 and have a symbol on them i have not seen before .....anyone know please Pete
  5. Well bud she has had a bit of a wipe over just as I started to dribble role on a show :D:D:D:D:D:D PS am on the case of the sandblaster bud Pete
  6. Looking Good Jer Will have a closer look at it thurs/fri/or sat when I pick the new toy up:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Boooooomboooom
  7. Hi Bud In a case like this the best advice i would give you is to Lock it up , Walk away and come back to it in a few days time otherwise you will do something you may regret , and there is always some person ready to take it off your hands for a few quid as a favour :angel: Pete
  8. Hi All Am still looking for a Gama Goat if anyone has come across one for sale or part ex even Boomtityboomtityboomboom:-D
  9. Hi All Does anyone have a contact number for them as the numbers on the website are only recorded messages as it would be nice to talk to a person Pete
  10. I telephoned about that one today , to much money for me though Thanks bud for the reply Bud:-D Pete
  11. I am looking for a real tidy gama goat , swimmer or non swimmer Does anyone know where one maybe sitting and be for sale , If any of you guys know of one then please instant message me . Best Regards to all:-D:-D:-D Boomboom
  12. Hi Jer Am i up for a run in the woods this year you ask ....You bet me ole son , let me know when you think we should go and see the forestry and get it sorted and i will meet you over there . Are you still up for the other side of the forest and maybe a bar b q and a night out :D Pete Hope the new toy will be here :cool2: its different Jer Pete
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