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Light regulations

Rick W


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an interesting issue - safety versus authenticity


On the basis very few drivers these days would understand or be looking out for hand signals, my C8 is fitted with indicators. These are the standard BMC fittings so look slightly old :dunno: so to my mind do not spoil the overall effect. The switch is the sort of thing I remember from Routemaster buses so again looks fairly old but is still available as an off the shelf item


this topic also gives my an excuse for posting a photo of the old pride and joy :-D



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Thanks Rick

You can however hide a multitude of sins behind a coat of paint :whistle:

The arches are in the condition i got them and are as you say very good, sadly all the rest backwards from them is a real hotpotch of poorly done replica work - i would dearly love to see and take measurements from an original vehicle so that i can get mine re made properly, eg my cab floor is partly wooden from when the metal rotted out and the whole rear body is a mix of metal and wood which makes it look like a lorry bed but is no where near correct.

My highest priority however is the cab doors as they are a wood frame skinned in sheet and thus totally wrong


PS bragging a bit i actually have 3 Ferrets, a Fox, Landrover 101 and the Morris - no wonder none of them are any good - working on them is a bit like painting the Forth rail bridge.



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....... :-o........

...3 ferrets..... not just content with the one then! Ive still got the remains of my steel back, although it has been cut up. the floor was rotten but the sides were ok and original, so we cut off the sides and have them in storage. Am putting a wooden back on to start with. So if you need any measurements etc let me know, it is very heavy guage steel and wieghs a ton. ;-)

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