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Foyle's War - Saturday 25th November - ITV 3


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Evening all!


Did anyone watch Foyle's War last night on ITV 3 ?? We were out for the evening so I made sure that I set the DVD player to record it. Only problem was the DVD player was set to high quality so only recorded one hour and then the disc was full :-o :-o


Therefore after settling down tonight to watch it, we are getting right into the plot and its just getting good when - everything grinds to a halt :roll:


Did anyone else recorder it or can anyone tell me how it ended? We got up to the point where a Dutch guy arrived in Hastings by rowing boat and the body of the old man had been found on the beach!


All gripping stuff when you are denied the rest of the plot - Help! :?





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Was this a repeat??


If so - it sounds like the one where the murdered guy had invented syncromesh gears and the visiting Yank had pinched the idea and made a fortune. The dead guy thteatened to expose him so the Yank shot him with his own gun. The Dutch bloke was a German spy who got knicked and helped Foyle crack the case despite facing certain death by firing squad.


The yank got let off after the politicians got involved (he was over to sort out lend-lease) but Foyle pointed out he boarded the aircraft to return to the states that the war wouldn't last forever.


That sound about right????

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hi Neil


Yes - Thats the one - it was a repeat indeed.


Thank you very much for the explanation. I know its only a flipping tv programme, but when you get into something and then get deprived of the end, its like reading a book with the last page missing!


What you said has resolved the plot in my mind without a doubt.


Many thanks indeed for your input.


Cheers Clive :lol: :-D :-)

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