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Ferret battery removal

Rick W

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when looking at batts r/h one just undo lid of batt box lid l/h one remove air cleaner one large bolt on side one jubilee clip for pipe to carb take care aircleaner not to heavy just awkward to move about cause you are leaning fwd to lift it.

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Mask off all the leads as they spark like a B@@@@@@d and burn through insulation. Even when one lead is disconnected it is still live through the other battery.


Someone will be on here soon to tell you which lead to take off first.



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Hi rick,


yes, they were new last year. I always charged them in situ when needed.

If you want to take the leads off, the one under the air filter, -ve terminal is the true earth and should be removed first...you won't get any sparking if you disconnect that one first (tracee the cable back to the vehicle interstart, and you should see its connected to a bunch of other cables to earth). The positive from that battery goes to the -ve of the battery over by the control boxes.



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