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Saladin 1/35th


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I model post war British vehicles and found this site some time ago while doing some research. Since then I have got quite a lot of useful info from here and thought maybe I could contribute to the site with some pics of my last build.


The model started life as a built example of the old Tamiya kit which I found online. I had to do a bit of scratchbuilding to sort out the problems with this kit, and used Accurate Armour wheels. The lower hull is very semi-scale which is the result of bad planning on my part, - I had intended the vehicle to be bogged to avoid having to make the suspension and wheels. By the time I changed my mind I had already assembled the upper and lower hull so had to resort to some improvised surgery to accomodate the undercarriage.


The finished model represents a vehicle in Aden during the sixties.


Regards Dave









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Excellent improvement with the super detailing!

I remember the real thing back in the sixties as a kid when we lived in Bharain.

Hangers full of them & Saracens & Ferrets, Wonderfull!

I think the lines of the Saladin are one of the nicest Wheeled AFV designs ever put on the drawing board.

I have a pipe dream of building a Radio Controlled version in as large a scale as can be managed. The biggest problem ther is going to be finding Tyres in the correct profile!

Without tyres, it's a non starter!

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Now that's what I call 'putting the work in' Kiwidave !!!....crackin job mate.


You wouldn't know it even started out as the old Tamiya kit....which we were grateful for at the time but was always a bit of a dog. Then again, it did start out as a motorised model/toy so I guess accuracy was a low priority.


Mine ended up in a mini diorama as a range target, shot to bits & full of holes.


If you're in to Saladins....our next release in 1/24th scale is in fact the Mk2 Saladin. Presently I'm battling with the etch parts design. Should have more news & some pics of the kit Jan/Feb 11.


1/24th Ferret masters are also finished now & in the queue for casting.


Cheers.....Howard @ KFS


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Thanks for the comments gents, it was a project I really enjoyed as I like all the FV600 series and they are sadly neglected by the kit manufacturers. (Resin is beyond my modelling budget.)


Regards Dave


Dave these are the the tac signs we had on our vehicles in Aden in 64/65 see my website re Aden http://www.xrhgb.com Enjoy pm me for more info.


Peter ex 10th Royal Hussars




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Only a week to go now & I pick up the sample castings of the 1/24th Saladin from the casters. Thens it's a good two week slog to test build the kit(s) & prep the instructions sets.


Nearly there now. Will let everyone see the results in due course:cool2::cool2::cool2:




PS Pete

Those are the very same div signs I'm supplying as decals with the 1/24th kit (well, one of several alternatives anyway)

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That is a nice bit (lot) of work:bow::wave:

I just love the Saladin/ Saracan/Stalwart and would love to see them in plastic 1/35 so i might be able to afford to build them

Very nice work


Reading some of the comments about resin kit prices............For about £50, Firing Line do the Saracen and Saladin


Look at it as the price one and a half Tamiya/AFV Club kits (and twice the fun) or 1 night on the lash and it soon becomes justifiable. I find I spend twice as long building an Accurate Armour or Cromwell kit so I buy fewer kits, and I reckon it about evens itself out


Or that's how I justify it to the missus anyway, and it seems to work :-D

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