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  1. Hello Nige, I go on both those model forums and Mil Mod site but don`t post my work on them because I don`t have the means to do so. When i have i will play catch-up. How`s the TM coming along? Iain, thanks for the links they will be very useful. I think i will have to go with Larkspur as there is a model source for these, but will have to buy a new kit to get them. Thanks and regards Malcolm
  2. I am currently building a 1/24 scale model of the mentioned vehicle, and have come across a small problem. The radios provided in the kit do not resemble any thing I`ve seen before. I am depicting the vehicle as used in the late 70`s- early80`s. So, can any one show me any photos of the actual radio fit in the rear of these vehicles or point me in the right direction of some as i want to get this part as accurate as i can due to there being no roof on the vehicle and it is the focus of the model? Many thanks in advance. Malcolm
  3. A bit like a Stephen King story.......no people. Great models though
  4. Obviously the two wheel drive lightweight version. :nut:
  5. It will be a sad loss of some of our military history if/when these ships/boats are scrapped. I went round both the Plymouth and Onyx a few years ago, along with the rest of the museum displays, it was an enjoyable visit
  6. There was one hiding behind a bush, and a WWII Axis forces Saracan, in the film `633 Squadron `
  7. I think it is a AEC command vehicle used by the British Army in the late 40`s and early 50`s Regards Malcolm
  8. What would be the chances of getting a copy of said issue, reasonable or zero? I would like to read that article.
  9. I can remember the small, old and heavy smoking MOJO`s of 16 Tanks in Fally when i was with 7 ARMD WKSP. I`m doing a couple of B.W Antars, the 1st one was soldered but i will use epoxy for the next one. One is a MK3 Ballast with a Dyson trailer carrying a FV 434, the second has the semi trailer and will have a Chieftain on board.
  10. When i was a kid, ** years ago, we used to go over to Budby Training Area in the summer hols, where we played on an old Churchill tank, an old Centurion tank and a very rusty Sherman hull. Would any one, per chance, know what became of these wonderful old play things. I used to spend hours in the drivers seat of the Churchill, (the Cent was welded shut) it could explain why these two are my favorite tanks of all time. :wave:
  11. You could always try B.W. Models or the Airfix Emergency set for a better dated Fire Engine
  12. There is a book charting the history of `Phantom`. i will look up the title for you and post it here. It was a very interesting read Malcolm
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