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Unusual GMC tanker sitting in a yard


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A friend took these photos. It's a strange tanker, definitely not US standard, either water or fuel. Look at the wheel rims, too. It is ex-Yugoslav army, but I do not know if the modification was done while it was in service or after. It may have been used for collecting milk on the farms, and that might mean that it is a post-service modification. But then it would not need a hose... It is located in a yard in Bregana, Croatia, some 20 km from Zagreb. And there is another GMC sitting nearby, in significantly worse shape! Here are the photos:























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Looks like an airfield lubricating oil servicing unit, from WW2, some were designed for oil only, some oil and fuel. Looks to be fairly original apart from the wheel rims, nice find

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Jack, I don't know if it is for sale. The pics were taken last summer, I will ask my friend if he knows anything more.


Although it looks as an USAAF fuel bowser at first, there are some significant differences: look at the end of the tank, it is very rounded, whereas the standard type is completely flat. The cross-section of the tank seems much more round than the standard, also. And I am not sure about the apparatus and the pipes at the end, they are probably also non-(USAAF)standard.


G506, can you provide more info on the oil servicing units, I did not know they even existed!


And are there any good plans/drawings (with accurate measurements etc.) of the standard USAAF tanker available for download or purchase?

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Wheel rims look like French pontoon trucks, they aren't DUKW rims which would be the obvious contemporary swap.


Rear lights look French or Swiss too, but I'd guess the rest of it is pretty much as it came.

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Type L2 oil servicing was 660 US gallons, built to carry and then dispense lube oil into aircraft, the type F3 was designed to do the same but for either fuel or lube oil, with a capacity of 750 US gallons. Both built by Heil (who still manufacture tank bodies today).

Hope this helps

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Indeed, I have uploaded all available photos: GMC Tanker and GMC Cargo. No images of the data plates, though, sorry!

In the meantime, I have found out that it was used as a water tanker.

The French parts (wheels and rear lights) may be explained by the fact that Yugoslavia received a lot of ex-French GMC trucks in the 50-ies. And in Bregana there used to be a major vehicle facility of the Yugoslav army, and the military airport at Cerklje (now an operational base of the Slovenian army) is only 10 km away, that is where it might have come from.

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