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What for? .30 Browning mount 1005-99-812 : Collimator FV257613


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Have you got the rest of the NSN? The last 4 digits are missing:-D


cheers - will open boxes & look closer..my original notes on storing was only as above with slight extra:

Mounting .300 Browning MG LV4 1005 - 99 - 812

(looks like a fixed mount designed to fit firmly to inside turret front -coax poss? Saladin?)

Collimator Pye Telecom V5 FV257613 packed 1959


will post any further details found tomorrow..



no, i lie, usual rubbish on the box,so now! LV4 1005.99.812.6024

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update while kettle on!
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Finally, an image of the Mount..


markings on item & box:

Mount .300 Browning MG LV4 1005.99.812.6024

Mounting .300 Browning MG LV4 1005 - 99 - 812


looks like a fixed mount designed to fit to inside turret front -coax presumably?




30 BMG Mount.jpg

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The Collimator in a Centurion (associated with the No.4 Mk.1 or 2 RCP sight) is the 'Collimator, AFV, No.1 Mk.1 FV210329', so it appears that it may not be for Centurion.


The .30 cal co-ax cradle in the Centurion (not equipped with RG) is listed as 'Mounting, .30 inch MG, LV4 FV229784'.


The only other possibility I can think of that would have an updated NSN for a co-axial MG mount would be Saladin Mk.2. Did any other AFVs in British service retain a co-axial, solenoid-fired .30 cal in a single mount, ie not a dual mount with a .50-cal RG, as in Centurion?


Mike C

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Looking at that Mount again, I am in a frame of mind to change my Answer!

I belive it IS for a .50" Cal Ranging machine gun. The Chieftan MBT had a ranging MG before it went over to the IFCS laser Range finder. The roller gives it away, It's TOO big for ,30" rounds!

.50" BMG Rounds would be perfect. Come to thnik of it SOME marks of centurion DID have Ranging MGs. There were TWO types available for cent & Chiefy. L6 & L21. The only difference was the length of the barrel. One was longer than the other! SOLINOID Fired from the side.

Hope this helps you? Nice Paperweight!...........:D

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Glad to be stirring the brain cells!


yes, the feed roller is long but the packing case stating ".30bmg" was sealed until i opened it to take the piccie..

.50 Spotting / Springfield not so long in the case anyway but maybe an option?...thanks for the thoughts anyway


£30 for old ex govt wooden box...free mount paperweight included! :red:

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