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  1. Hahaha.. Cent, no thanks, maybe something less obvious, wheeled and armoured, but have quite enough maintenance jobs in my life already, thanks..:)
  2. Thanks very much obliged.... always had a suspicion was most likely for a Cent..
  3. Orginally posted a query in 2010 trying to identify to what weapon and vehicle this related to...still trying to identify - can anyone now help, please ? Box was unopened and item nos when i obtained it, only opened it to see....marked 're-packed 1960 ', so dates to between then and start date of FV nomenclature...
  4. Thanks..will post an extra photo.. I see Radicon still exists, i'll get a model no. and contact them to see what they say..
  5. I did find some wartime references to Martin Harper pto's... ..this one June 1944..
  6. Under the non original, postwar constructed, breakdown truck body on the rear of my Bedford MW, there is a winch... obviously should not be there, so will be coming off and seeking a good home... in place of the usual tyre pump on the gearbox, there is a pto with a manufacturer's plate stating 'Martin Harper', driving a propshaft on the nearside approx 6 foot long to the winch which is siting behind the rear axle; this second propshaft has necessitated the shortening of the exhaust pipe just behind the silencer box, and the repositioning of the nearside shock absorber arm to a near vertical position, all of which has to be corrected after removal. The winch has the initials DBS on its housing, and in awkward place to photo, the name Kadicon or Sadicon near tbe cable drum.. Can anyone please tell me more, ie is it of a QLB or maybe a Canadian vehicle...and is this wartim, or a postwar kit to fit any Bedford gearbox..? More photos to follow
  7. Just a thought.....what size wheels and tyres does it / should it have...?
  8. There might well be 2, but this one was at Foulness with the tail of tbe trail embedded in a concrete block, and cut off so could be removed quuickly from the site - when i said Zonnebeke, i had been aware that a restored one had been loaned or at least exhibited at that Belgian museum which is near Passchendaele.. no idea about its pre-Rage history.. Did it come from the UK south coast..?
  9. That's the one that was at Zonnbeke, isn't it...? I nearly had that out of the mud in theb Uk yard where it lay...
  10. Thanks for the heads up, i am lucky enough to have the correct early inspection lamp , jack and handles, special wrench (No9 on the tools list), and other items, so pretty much sorted on those listed accessories..only items still on my list to locate is a pair of Lucas 330 sidelights...
  11. Thanks for that, just was aware that there is a similar US can, the mount i will then keep...
  12. The stamped info on tbe side of the oil can reads' m m No109'... ? ...
  13. I went out and bought a Bedford MWC, converted postwar to a garage breakdown truck.... lots of odd bits attached... such as this.. Is it British.......military...... commercial..? Approx height of can 8 inches - diameter 3 inches.... some stampings only partly legible..
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