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  1. There might well be 2, but this one was at Foulness with the tail of tbe trail embedded in a concrete block, and cut off so could be removed quuickly from the site - when i said Zonnebeke, i had been aware that a restored one had been loaned or at least exhibited at that Belgian museum which is near Passchendaele.. no idea about its pre-Rage history.. Did it come from the UK south coast..?
  2. That's the one that was at Zonnbeke, isn't it...? I nearly had that out of the mud in theb Uk yard where it lay...
  3. Thanks for the heads up, i am lucky enough to have the correct early inspection lamp , jack and handles, special wrench (No9 on the tools list), and other items, so pretty much sorted on those listed accessories..only items still on my list to locate is a pair of Lucas 330 sidelights...
  4. Thanks for that, just was aware that there is a similar US can, the mount i will then keep...
  5. The stamped info on tbe side of the oil can reads' m m No109'... ? ...
  6. I went out and bought a Bedford MWC, converted postwar to a garage breakdown truck.... lots of odd bits attached... such as this.. Is it British.......military...... commercial..? Approx height of can 8 inches - diameter 3 inches.... some stampings only partly legible..
  7. Well, if it works, why try to fix it? especially at open terrain ranges where 5.56 wont hack it In theory, both mathematically & ballistically, 7mm approx should perform the best - .223 was just harmonising with US, as was 7.62.. Would we have done better to adopt the 7.92mm calibre as per BESA (afv) machine gun when that was in our armoury; capable of using ww2 German ammunition, rimless case, etc?
  8. This is the magazine image - looks like a Beach Groups anchor insignia. the vertical white line seen in the cab is in fact the light showing through the slightly opened ventilation hatch in the rear of the cab wall - but what are all the other less legible text markings, particularly the one at the top of the windscreen?
  9. As per title, wanted one magazine in good working order for an 8mm Bruni P38 blank firer pistol. Please ;-) Can comply with VCA etc Any kind person....
  10. Anyone seen this interesting and rare b/w photo of Fordson WOT8 in Navy marking, possibly 30AU transport. Although image taken from the front, definitely a WOT8 30cwt as opposed to the 3 tonner WOT6 as no cab roof lifting handles (only 3 tonner removeable cab top) and earliest contract circular ventilators on cab front rather than later 'letterbox' shape type. Anyone have any info, confirmation of unit, or photo date / location etc please? got to get a copy for the vehicle info board - will also ask to post here (subject to copyright?)
  11. Stableboy


    nothing whatsoever to do with the dealer who i understand underwrites Milweb getting 'on the inside track' then?
  12. Always thought that the 'german' aircraft in BoB film were C.A.S.A's...?:shocked:
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