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Decent canvas paint??

Lord Burley

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Anyone with any ideas on some decent canvas paint. I tried the RR stuff a few years back on my previous 101. It looked great when first applied. But after a few months it started to peel in places. Maybe my prep work wasn't the best to start with.


On a lightweight i had some years ago the canvas was painted on that. And it looded great and never peeled. Is there anything better than the RR stuff??

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I coloured my LW canvas then waterproofed it with Thompsons, its faded a bit since but still on ok. I didn't put it on too thick, just sprayed it enough to colour it, perhaps that is the secret. Maybe because it was slightly pourous the paint soaked in and stuck better, would that make sense? Oh and I used RR NATO green paint.

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Normal vehicle IRR paints are harmful to canvas & no canvas tolerant version (ie emulsion) was available at the time of their introduction in 1980. At that time canvas had to be reproofed with Mystox W6070/29 which was a special preservative/flame proofing emulsion in Olive Drab (not NATO Green). Later "Paint, finishing, IRR, emulsion matt, NATO green, air drying" was introduced.


Even so there is no black IRR canvas paint. The canvas has to be first washed with soap or if greasy with degreasing compounds or detergents, but not solvents. Once dry the canvas has to be treated with "Solution Re-proofing & Water-proofing H1/8030-99-220-2681" The entire canvas is then painted in the IRR NATO Green then the black areas are provided with "Paint, finishing, polyvinyl acetate emulsion, black, air drying".


It would be a good talking point to present a vehicle depicting the early-mid 1980s. The body painted using NATO Green yet the tilt in Olive Drab. I wonder how many observers would be tempted to point out apparent inconsistencies?:D


Incidentally there is no IRR NATO Green for nylon & terylene covers & tilts, here "Preservative Coating, Olive Drab Emulsion" should be applied.

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Local professional auto body paint supply companies should stock flex agent, a few drops into enamel paint works wonders on canvas boat decks, which get



on and covered in salt I imagine it will last for years on a canvas top, all we need now is a




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