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I've just struggled through that 'Sahara' book by Clive Cussler ... and ''struggled' was the operative description too I can tell you .............

I'd been recommended CC's books but I won't be reading another..

.... I thought it was schoolboy tripe of the highest order and I don't know if he meant it to be????... but I found it quite ridiculously comical...

....and before you ask...."Why d'ya finish it then!!???!!"..

I had to because my mate has been raving about it and insisted I read it and would have questioned me at length on it......

...so...... I had to finish it so that I could fairly & roundly criticise it afterwards!


You gotta go a long way to beat Wilbur Smith (nearly always superb IMHO) or Tom Clancy... (but not the absurd 'Control Centre series of books , only the 'earlier' good ones such as Red Storm Rising /Cardinal of the Kremlin/Without Remorse/Sum of all fears etc....)

oh and PPS:

don't make the mistake of watching the films.... read the books !:cheesy:

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