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Wartime Humour


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I came upon these jokes while looking in some wartime dated magazines from Simonds Brewery.


Fifty Nazi pilots knocked at the gates of heaven and sought admittance. St Peter waved them back.

"I'm sorry" he said "but only six of you can come in"

"But there are fifty of us!" the Nazis protested.

"Maybe" replied St Peter "but Field-Marshal Goering's communique said that only six had been shot down!"

Magazine dated October 1940


Moscow radio recently declared that the following story was being told among German prisoners of war.

Hitler was inspecting the Eastern Front.

"What" he asked a German Soldier "would be your last wish if a Russian bomb fell near you?"

"I would wish" the soldier rejoined "that my beloved Fuhrer could be at my side"

Magazine dated September 1942


Anybody else have any genuine wartime humour?

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A fighter ace from a Polish squadron came to a girls' school give a talk about his experiences during the Battle of Britain. The head mistress introduced him, then stood back, beside and behind him while he talked.


"Zer I voss, alone in ze sky und suddenly I was surrounded by six Fokkers."


The girls all tittered. The head interjected. "Girls, a Fokker was a German aeroplane. Stop being silly," and to the guest, "Sorry about that. Please go on."


"Yes, vell zese Fokkers were in Messerschmitts."

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