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Iain Crosbie

Iain Crosbie

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I have been 'encouraged' to introduce myself, so here goes.

I have always been a Land-Rover enthusiast, and used to trial them when I was young and fit.

I always had a hankering for something outrageous like a Scammell Explorer and can't believe that I have missed the only two I know about in Scotland, so now that I am retired and in my dotage I have done the next best thing (I hope) and bought a Militant Mk3 Recovery Truck to have some fun before the remaining bits of my old body stop working.

So far I am spending lots of time underneath it wondering what all the bits do! Over the years it has been modified and so many of the controls do not work as they should, so let's hope I can get everything sussed and working without breaking anything.

In my 'spare time' I am also restoring an ex-RNLI lifeboat. I suppose I only need an aircraft now to complete the set, but fortunately I don't like heights, the Militant cab being quite high enough!

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Yes, it is I!

I keep expecting you and Ian I to turn up on your bikes.

Managed to get the old girl back to Orkney last year, but not been anywhere this year due to poor weather and high fuel prices. Major engine room refurb last year, so now short of enthusiasm for a repeat performance- what I am doing buying this truck!!??

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