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Through the key hole

Great War truck

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When i was on holiday i took a look around this very imposing house:




During the war there were a number of guests, who left behind this rather splendid mural:




Sadly, they never had time to finish it, but it has been very nicely restored.


As you can see it is quite close to the sea:




So the question is, who once lived in a house like this. All a bit of a mystery.

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When the new "temporary" occupants moved in, all of the contents were removed and the mahogany doors were covered in plywood to protect them. The nail holes are still visible today. The drawing room was turned in to a bar which is where the mural was painted. The last panel of the mural is a very attractive naked lady (supposedly the local girl friend of the artist), which was sadly not finished. maybe the artist ran out of time to paint the clothes? She would be a lady in her 80's or 90's now. No one knows who she is. I wonder if she still lives near by.


Come on someone. Have a guess. While the light lasts!

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Well done there (smarty pants). Was it in the cryptic clues, or did you just know?


Who were the guests who stayed then?


On the same day that i was there i managed to match up this war time photo. Something i have been wanting to do for years, but never managed to get the right angle.





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