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Swiss secrets


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I found this while trawling the odder parts of the interweb,




A brief (automated) translation,


The Foundation for Historic Army equipment shortly HAM collects two examples of all Swiss army vehicles.

In Burgdorf at the site of the former AMP so are hundreds of trucks, jeeps, tanks, motorcycles and carriages stored and preserved for in roadworthy condition for posterity.

But it is no ordinary museum where one just like that time on Sunday with kids in tow, sucking ice can marvel at the tank without oil and are not suitable for navigation in mock war scenarios. The vehicles are roadworthy and be moved again and again. Groups of 6 persons can visit by appointment. The vehicles are owned by the Confederation and therefore belong to the taxpayers.

In September, the open day is see who it sometimes will.



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Wow......what a collection, and such variety.:nut:

What is the tank conversion in the last picture?



I understand that the Centurion in the last picture is a Swiss conversion intended to carry and 'plant' (hence the crane) the turret into a pre-built defensive position. It's an odd conversion and comparatively recent (80s).



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Certainly on the list of places to visit, sooner than later, typical of the Swiss attitude, make a decision and stick to it. Can you imagine that happening over here, it would have lasted until the next government was ellected then some shiny suited burocrat would have decided to sell them off !

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... here are the official flyers of the first open day in a few days:




Source: http://www.armeemuseum.ch/index.php?id=88


Hopefully the Renault FT-17 will be driven!


Sorry mates, this isn't a public museum. So you can't just drive by and visit it. You'll have to be a group and visit by appointment only.


greetings from Switzerland




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