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  1. IWM (North) is in Manchester, there is a small selection of armour at the museum next to the Nissan plant at Sunderland. That said, the IWM seems more interested in the likes of the "Greenham Common Women" these days, than the hardware of conflict. jch
  2. Some, ex-Beverley, exhibits are (or at least were) on display at the Chatham Historic Dockyard. At least they were under cover.
  3. Sorry, I meant to display larger exhibits to the public. jch
  4. Interesting. I assumed, like most of the Beverley, collection it was owned by the National Army Museum. It was only at "Locomotion" as it arrived on the warflat for their display. That said, the NAM has no location for it's bigger exhibits. Thanks for the response. JCH
  5. I visited "Locomotion" at Shildon earlier this week and I noticed that the cutaway A15 Crusader Mk.II on the warflat (previously in the Beverley Museum) has been replaced by a Universal Carrier. I enquired about it, but the staff I spoke to seemed to think that as the Carrier had tracks it was a "tank".I visited pursuing one of my other interests, very early steam locomotives, but I wonder if any one here knows where the tank has gone?Thanks in advance.JCH
  6. Certainly all the first aid boxes at work were green with white crosses before I retired last year. jh
  7. Don't worry, it will become an "aspiration" after a few years when they discover it's impossible. jh
  8. The clue is in the thumbnail above, Photobucket just don't want people linking to 'third party' sites without getting some cash. Your original Photobucket folder is unchanged, which is why you can still see the pictures there, they have just stopped linking to external sites, I assume you can still share with other PB users. Google offers free hosting jh
  9. If you wade through the civilian 4x4s (interesting in themselves), this chap has some nice rare and nicely restored MVs in Hong Kong, http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/this-man-is-the-four-wheel-drive-king-of-the-world-and-1795407444?utm_source=jalopnik_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2017-06-09 jh
  10. The idea of the Home Guard having tanks sounds like an unmade "Dad's Army" plot? jh
  11. Details here, http://www.imcdb.org/movie_65207-Where-Eagles-Dare.html jh
  12. I can only apologise and plead ignorance. I'd not seen these tanks mentioned before. jh
  13. These photos were put up on Facebook earlier They were removed from the Haltern Training Area last year (2016) to a scrapyard in Aachen. jh
  14. To be honest any show involving moving armour (indeed any vehicles) is going to be a 'behind the barrier' deal these days, health & safety and insurance requirements. I'm not sure what interaction you are hoping for, but climbing on tanks is not encouraged much either for the same reasons, though the modern equipment displays at the TM usually permit it, ladders and gantries being provided. I'm a bit baffled by the prices you quote, the TM website gives £38 per adult for a weekend ticket and £23 per day, the £110 is a premium ticket, which seems a lot (in my opinion) extra for a seat, food and drink and a programme? The premium tickets do not claim to give greater access to the vehicles. jh
  15. I guess that these prices are bonkers, yet they are probably lower than a lot of "classic" cars which are seen as investments? jh
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