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  1. Could be a Ford Taurus van, pre Transit. Sorry should read Ford Taunus.......for runner to the Transit.
  2. Great photos of scenes never to be repeated. I have been trying to date the airshow though this throws up some questions.... Looking at the line up I would think it would be `67 or `68 as I don`t think the Beverly lasted much after that, though the Nimrod and Phantom would both suggest `69 onwards. Seeing the selection of training aircraft in formation could tally with No 6 Flying Training School operating from this base from May 1970. The other item of interest is in the background of the Shackleton photo is what looks like a Supermarine Swift.........which raises even more quandries........ Once again great photos, do you have any more......
  3. Saw this last night. Some nice footage of Berlin Brigade Mungas, Centurians and Ferrets + East German armoured cars. Also of Victor an Vulcan V bombers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b01q6pzr/
  4. A fantastic performance last night in Liverpool. Very true to the original with great special effects and great cast including Jason Donovan, Ricki Wilson and Marti Pellow.
  5. Already got tickets for Liverpool this Saturday night.
  6. Thought it was Jack`s latest mobile Costa Coffee modification for military vehicles...........Moccachino any one!
  7. Think it was the DAF that used the same chassis as the US 5 Ton.
  8. I have a memory of seeing one of these in about 1985 parked up on an industrial estate on the old airfield at Hixon, just north of Stafford. Used to go their on Sundays to learn to drive, though I don`t know if it was a Berliet or an Alvis' just remember it being a lot bigger than the 1.1 Fiesta I was in.
  9. Hi Dave, Soon as I know what i`m doing next year I will let you know. At the moment struggle to know more than two weeks ahead at the moment. Menu`s looking great and hope to be able to get there.
  10. "We seem to be having some problems checking the tyre pressures!!"
  11. " Who needed a tipper truck?"
  12. "I`m not sure converting it to a 7 seater was such a good idea!!"
  13. With the retirement of the RAF`s heavy bombers a new method had to be found to deliver the Grand Slam.....
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