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Interesting coffee table

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Came across this in an acquaintances house some time back. Lost the photo file but just found it so I thought I'd post it. It is a shell casing from a German railway gun, or whatever the correct term is, from the Pas de Calais area. He found two of them sunk in the ground being used as water troughs for pigs on a farm! He did say what happened to the other but I forget the tale. Obviously he has cut this one down to make it a suitable height. Probably would have been worth more if he'd left it intact but as he said its a coffee table, not a bar stool. The lace table cover went back on after the photoshoot.

coffee table.jpg

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Did you measure it?


No I didnt, I was at the end of a visit seeing the mans extraordinary collection of munitions and other stuff and was on my way out when he invited me in to the living room and whipped the cover off this, so it was a bit of a surprise and I was pushed for time. As Enigma says 'big' though.


Anyone any ideas what the various sizes used were? Would it be on the base as per UK ordnance? If so, I could blow the original pic up and see if I can find it if I know the numbers /whatever that I am looking for. It was around a couple of feet (60cm) (+?) from memory.

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There was some thumping great Axis artillery around the Atlantic Wall, Take a look at You tube there are some shots of heavy rail stuff. It semed mostly to be used on the Eastern front.

I wonder if it may be from the Paris Gun? That is commonly, and completly incorrectly called 'Big Bertha. If so don't publish adress, I wouldn't be able to resit a quick night time dash across the Channel... :D

The brain is jogging that there is a rail gun in a musuem round the area. http://www.warmuseums.nl/gal/040gal.htm

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there are similar size shells to this and a railway gun at the Battery Todt museum just outside calais ,from memory some of the cases there are close to 5ft tall,ideal place for a day trip as its only a couple of miles from the eurotunnel


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