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Interesting Cards


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I received these two cards for my birthday recently. It says on the back that they are being sold to raise funds for the bomber command memorial appeal.


Just thought that some of you may be interested in them.



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On the back of the cards it gives a brief description.


Card 1 - "Avro Lancaster MK. I, of 460 Squadron, on ground loading bombs, Binbrook, 1943."


Card 2 - "Fitters at work building Spitfires. 1940."

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Clame to fame I was part of a team to test airfield security at Binbrook in early 80 shot the place up and only got caught once. Now to lose it all isnt the David Brown on the picture late or even post war?


David Brown looks typical mid war to me. Not post war I would have said, since headlight is masked??

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Sorry Mike, it's the only British aircraft bomb I can think of that was the shape. Any chance of identifying the station from the vehicle marks?


4,000lbs was the smallest "Cookie. HC bomb" A double, and even a triple came later, (8000lbs and 12000Lbs)

(There was a 2,000Lbs High Capacity bomb, but as far as I know it was never called a "cookie")



The ones on the bomb trailers are single 4,000Lbs cookies (as is this one)


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